Subject's Evaluation of Research Study Staff

Thank you for participating in a clinical research study. Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire
to let us know what we are doing right and how we can improve the experience in the future.

Although ratings for each item are not required, we encourage you to answer all applicable.

First Study Visit (Not applicable to other study visits)

1. I understood all study procedures before signing the informed consent.
2. Research staff took the necessary amount of time to answer all my questions.
3. I understood and felt as though I could withdraw from the study at anytime.
4. I understood the risks and benefits involved with participating in the study.
5. I received adequate information (map, directions, etc.) to find the clinic.

Office Operations

6. My research visits went smoothly.
7. I was able to schedule my appointments at a time that worked for me.
8. I did not have to wait long for study procedures or to meet with staff.
9. Facilities were clean.
10. Parking was not a problem.

Research Staff

11. The research staff was professional and courteous.
12. The research staff was approachable when I had questions or concerns.
13. The main study doctor was available and involved with my care.
14. The staff was knowledgeable and proficient (including blood draws).
15. I felt comfortable discussing my personal health with staff.
16. I would describe my experience with the following clinic staff as positive.
Name(s) of staff:
Name of study doctor:

Overall Experience

I would participate in another research study at this clinic
I was adequately compensated for my participation in the study.
I would like to be contacted for future studies.
Having research available at this clinic makes me more inclined to establish care here.
Any suggestions for improvement or additional feedback on your experience would be appreciated.

Thank you for your input!

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